September 29, 2004

Islamic Europe?

The reknowned scholar of Islam, Bernard Lewis, matter-of-factly predicts an Islamic Europe:

"SELDOM HAS THE COURSE of European history been changed by a non-politician's throwaway remark in a German-language newspaper on a Wednesday in the dead of the summer doldrums. But on July 28, Princeton historian Bernard Lewis told the conservative Hamburg-based daily Die Welt that Europe would be Islamic by the end of this century 'at the very latest," and continental politics has not been the same since."

Now, predictions based solely on today's birthrates ignore the likelihood of a reduction in these rates over time, if women are educated and empowered, infant mortality remains low, and welfare-state pensions remain in effect. But continued immigration from the Maghreb is likely, especially if conflict and instability persist, and the Arab world remains economically paralyzed. And with the decline of Christianity, Europe has little inherent cultural strength with which to resist its dhimmification.

Amazing and scary stuff. The End of History? I don't think so.

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