September 5, 2004

How Kerry Screwed Up

Joe Klein, author of "Primary Colors" and a smart pro-Democrat writer, analyzes the Kerry campaign's missteps:

"The Kerry strategy is to present an 'optimistic' candidate with a 'positive plan for the future.' The Kerry consultants, who actually believe this claptrap and have zero sense of political theater, sound like a bunch of low-budget Ginzu-knife salesmen when they represent their candidate on television: We're offering you a $4,000 college-tuition tax credit and—for no extra charge—a $1,000 reduction in your health-care costs! They also seem to believe this election isn't about the most important decision Bush has made: to go to war in Iraq. Kerry's adherence to that strategy—including the robotic repetition of the words strong and values—has made him seem weak, transparent, a focus-group marionette with neon strings."

Klein is very critical of the Bushies, too, but on substance, not on campaign effectiveness.

Worth a read.

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