October 5, 2004

Random Thoughts on Cheney's Win

Since he came to national prominence, I've always thought Dick Cheney was a national treasure. The very gruff, laconic, knowledgeable approach that makes him a bit "dark" on TV, I find reassuring. He's the kind of guy I imagine I'd want as a commander in war -- he'd do what he has to do to win, and do his best to keep you safe, without mincing words.

Edwards was well-prepared, expressive, knows some good courtroom techniques. He seems likeable, but he also seemed a lightweight. He didn't answer the questions, and avoided doing so in a very obvious way. A low-key demagogue.

Gwen Ifill asked some good, hard questions. I was surprised. Of course, she didn't ask about the big univited guest at the national table -- immigration. I'd like to see somebody do it, but I'm not counting on it.

Best Cheney lines:

  • I preside over the Senate, and this is the first time we've met.
  • If you can't stand up to Howard Dean, how are you going to stand up to Osama Bin Laden?
  • Thanking Edwards for his kind remarks about his family, and then shutting up about gay marriage

Most important thing: Kerry's record is now out in the open and up for grabs and "global test" was reinforced as a GOP mantra.

With the playoffs on, the male audience, who Cheney might appeal to, was probably low. In fact it was probably low except for political junkies such as I.

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