October 18, 2004

Why Bush and Not Kerry? A Response to Hugh Hewitt

There is one overarching reason to vote for Bush.

We are at war, attacked by a widespread and fanatical enemy. Bush understands this reality and has the determination to win. Notwithstanding failings and errors, Bush is a war leader. Kerry lacks both understanding and determination, and so in time of war is a danger to the nation.

Kerry has attempted to straddle the contradiction between the Deaniac core of his party, that wants no part of the war and includes true defeatists, and the patriotic centrists he needs to cobble together a majority. He has used bluster and an exaggerated version of his Vietnam service to straddle between these two groups. Unfortunately for Kerry, his Vietnam days are far less relevant than what he did on his return and his consistently anti-defense, uncritically pro-UN, and just plain goofy record since then.

Second, without getting into details of domestic policy, Bush draws his support from the core of American strength: intact families, parents, small businesspeople, those who work with numbers and their hands, the church-going. Kerry draws his support from elsewhere: word- and human-service-workers, mis-educated elitists, the militantly secular. His party's money comes from billionaires like George Soros, trial lawyers, and unions of mostly public employees.

Bush will look to the heartland, and will fight. Kerry will look to Europe and the word-drunk bicoastals, and will waver.

We must set aside our doubts and criticisms, and support Bush. Our lives and those of our children depend upon it.

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