February 15, 2008


The Young Prince of Stentorian Vacuity has now opened up a lead in the RealClearPolitics.com national polling averages, and more importantly, the Rasmussen tracking for the moment favors him in a big way over the Red Queen: by 12 percentage points!

Barack Hussein's website is cool; Hill's is Micro$oft boring and tacky.

Barack carries Wisconsin, though not by much. That leaves Ohio, Texas and later, Pennsylavania. The Ohio polls still favor the apparat-chick, but polls are to primaries as schedules are to airline arrival times.

The black super-delegates are flocking to Sen. Obama.

Let's hope the nicely cut suit isn't as empty as it seems to be, and be prepared to pity the woman who stayed married to the Hot Springs philanderer, only to have the Nation turn its lonely eyes to some upstart mulatto.

So sad.

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