February 4, 2008

Political Football

The real thing was exciting for once. How 'bout them Jints?

As for Tuesday's follies, some predictions and some comments.

McCain will all but clinch the GOP nod, and poor Hugh Hewitt will have to find another graveyard for his whistling practice.

I think Obama may surprise. The numbers are trending his way. With proportional allocation of delegates, this thing won't end on Tuesday and Hillary is out of rabbits.

Romney has been running ads here in California. Even as presented by his own flacks, he puts my teeth on edge. He's going to "change Washington" with the same old nostrums. Pfui.

McCain's stances on immigration and campaign finance are offputting, and although he's been a critic of military boondoggles he appears not to have rejected foreign adventures. I admire McCain's authenticity and I like listening to him, but I'm voting for Ron Paul.

I never delved into Huckabee, and apparently it would have been a waste of time. Huck's a big help to McCain, avoiding the improbable but possible coalescence of the Bushites around Mitt. He could get VP, as could Charlie Crist.

As for the Dems, Hillary is an apparat-chick. She's a lot like the girls who sat next to me in college taking detailed notes in a fine round hand while I drew cartoon animals on the margins of my notebooks pages, waiting to hear something I needed to write down. She never met a gummint social program she didn't like, and I have met few that I did, but if nominated she'll move right and continue Bushian interventionism, although more slickly.

Obama pipes prettily, but he could be marching us all happily to the River of Doom. No one really knows if he's a triangulator with happy feet, or a lefty with calming rhetoric and nice suits. A blank slate upon which each of it can mentally inscribe his own dreams?

Both Hillary and Barack Hussein should pick Jim Webb for VP. They need a white male who can appeal to red staters and white men generally. Webb's the guy.

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MaryKaye said...

Phenomenal. For the first time, I agree with you...every single word, except voting for Ron Paul.