February 21, 2008

Strange New Respect Dept.

I watched the CNN debate tonight, and hard as I have been on Sen. O, mostly for being inspirational but vacuous, I must confess that tonight he was as substantive as Hillary, and more Presidential.

He's a smart guy, possibly up to the job. Too bad the social-democratic nostrums to which his party is addicted leave me cold. And too bad his critique on foreign policy is limited to Iraq rather than extending to hegemonism and interventionism generally.

It's also too bad that Mrs. O. says such creepy things.

Still and all, it seems the race is over and Hillary is running for VP, a job for which I prefer Jim Webb.

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I promise not to tell that you gave props to the darkside (no pun intended!) And boy, are you an unbelievable writer!