November 6, 2004

On Evil in the Human Heart

The debate on secular vs. religious America is made deeper by the pre- and post-election chatter. A thoughtful presentation of a Christian view of the matter is found on Dr. Bob's blog, to which I've just added a few comments of my own.

So from a belief that we had to reelect the President, whatever his failings, because the Democrats would utterly fail to protect the country, I suddenly find myself back in the quandaries of my youth, which I never resolved.

Attracted to the skeptical view of human perfectibility in Russell Kirk and others, I naturally flirted with religion, as I have all my life, notwithstanding a secular upbringing and a profound skepticism on many levels.

Now I find the political questions again leading me, in the afternoon of my life, to the questions about the nature of man and the existence and meaning of God.

In my next post, I'm going to ponder the hollow seductions of the word "progressive" and how it relates to some of these issues.

Damn! The Ultimate Questions again!

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