November 6, 2004

Yet Another Blurb on Leftist Intolerance

David Brooks points out that the reasons for Bush's victory are complex, but they certainly aren't the result of a takeover by millions of Jimmy Swaggarts. Brooks sees the log in the left's eye:
"But the same insularity that caused many liberals to lose touch with the rest of the country now causes them to simplify, misunderstand and condescend to the people who voted for Bush. If you want to understand why Democrats keep losing elections, just listen to some coastal and university town liberals talk about how conformist and intolerant people in Red America are. It makes you wonder: why is it that people who are completely closed-minded talk endlessly about how open-minded they are?"

A case in point is this bigoted rant by the author Jane Smiley.

Ordinary Americans are smart enough to smell out the contempt of the bicoastal literati. Keep writing, Maureen and Jane! You'll insure a 50-year GOP hegemony.

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