November 15, 2004

Polynesian Update

The weasels are trying to save Flosse's apples, but it may not work:

"France's state council, the highest administrative court, partially annulled the results of elections in French Polynesia opening a possible way out from a political crisis in the Pacific territory.

The council ruled that because of irregularities in some voting stations, May's territorial elections in the islands of Tahiti and Moorea were invalid.

The Government in Paris was said to be considering the possibility of calling new elections for the whole of French Polynesia in a bid to secure a clear majority in the territorial assembly."

Flosse, Chirac's buddy, did better in the outer islands, so they're trying to rerun the election only in Tahiti and Mo'orea where Temaru prevailed narrowly. Temaru wants new elections everywhere.

Prediction: there will be new elections throughout French Polynesia, or else there will be more turmoil.

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