November 10, 2004

To the Barricades With Caviar and Crême Fraiche

I posted this on our family blog, but thought it ok for the cognoscenti who happen upon this blog to share:

Those who have not abandoned the cause of the proletariat for real estate investment and Dominican cigars will be pleased to see this.

Why should caviar, after all, be monopolized be the bourgeoisie?

A few years ago, the Wall St. journal ran a piece entitled something like "Karl Marx, this Bud's for you!" That was when beer commercials showed brawny, hard working guys getting off work and knocking back a cold one or two. Why not Veuve Cliquot instead?

Tom Wolfe, a few years earlier wrote two famous essays, Radical Chic and Mau-mauing the Flak Catchers, about how in certain circles it was cool to be an enemy of the state, and to let self-proclaimed black radicals abuse you.

Now it's gone commercial in a different way. Ah, la nostalgie de la boue!. Read all about that here a few posts down, at October 22 (especially the Comment).

Brings to mind Ferlinghetti's line, "I'm a social climber climbing down, and the descent is difficult."

If ya like fish eggs, Dean and DeLuca make the descent more gracious and tastier.

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