May 29, 2005

"But It's So Cute!"

My 12-year-old daughter and two friends asked and were given permission to have lunch and walk around downtown Laguna today, something they'd never done before. That's what they did, after some practice in calculating a 20% tip (mother, after all, was a server once).

The afternoon was uneventful, and when Youngest Daughter came home she displayed her acquisitions. These included YAPFF (Yet Another Pair of Flip-Flops) and a yellow T-shirt.

Father, in his male way, asked "But don't you have enough shirts?" The inevitable reply (move to strike as non-responsive, Your Honor!) was "But It's So Cute." Which it was -- "Paul Frank (the monkey) meets Oscar Meyer (the weiner)."Paul Frank monkeyGrist for James Thurber, or Lizzie McGuire or something. Call The Situationist International.

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