May 22, 2005

Captain Underpants the Mass Killer

Gerard points out what no one should need to point out -- there's a difference between showing Saddam Hussein in his big whites and committing mass murder:

Today's exhibit #1 of our decline in which our fellow Westerners seem to rejoice is the utterly fabricated hue and cry over some snapshots of a monster in his underwear.

Evidently someone somewhere in the mire of their minds have determined that these images of the Emperor's New Clothes are in some odd fashion degrading and demeaning to the likes of Saddam Hussain. They take this view in the full and abiding knowledge of the extent and the depth of his decades long history of crimes against humanity so vile there is no language known that can express them. Yet still these warped souls seem to feel that, well, Saddam is just another human being.

But of course he's not. He's something that has taken human form, but all that is truly human about him is no longer resident. There is no imaginable fate or execution available for this walking pillar of dung that will in the least balance the scales of justice. Justice no longer enters into this equation.

So I imagine that all those blighted individuals who believe the underwear photographs are some kind of "assault on dignity" are likewise empty of the sense of justice that the merest human infant possesses. For them, there is no hope of regaining either sense or sensibility and we leave them to their vacant philosophies and vapid lives. It shames me to have them as part of my society. It would shame them as well, but they have no capacity for it.

Personally, I wouldn't be upset if they displayed his head on a pike. Though perhaps a trial, if properly handled, would be educational.

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