May 29, 2005

Don't Count Your Terrorists Till They're In the Graybar Motel

The MSM and the Web are in a tizzy about whether the bloody Zarqawi is wounded, dead, or about to be captured.

If I were running a war against an invisible enemy, I wouldn't speculate at all, in public, about being "close to" a targt, the target's health or lack of same, or anything else, until I had the body, alive or dead.

Even if we were better at disiniformation than I think we are, all the "We're about to get him" or "We had him but he got away," makes our efforts look stupid, and who knows to what degree it tips the bad guys off.

Just keep it zipped, fellas, until you have the guy and he's sung as much as he's going to sing in the early days.

This is war, not "24 Hours."

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