October 8, 2006

Mistakes and Crimes

Anthony Shadid, one of the best Middle East reporters, relates that Hezbollah chief Nasrallah was confident his kidnapping raid would have no adverse consequences, and was shocked when Israel reacted as strongly (if not very competently) as it did.

Thousands of homeless and mourning Lebanese may regard this mistake as worse than a crime.

Meanwhile, allegations are out that Israel's bombing of south Lebanon has left countless unexploded anti-personnel cluster bombs, made in USA handing in trees, in fields and so on. Israel's handling of the situation was a series of stupid mistakes. If true, leaving these death traps in civilian areas may or may not be a mistake, but is a crime.

Yes, war is intended to break things and kill enemy soldiers, but leaving anti-personnel devices to main and kill children in the aftermath, whether or not it is a mistake, is a crime.

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