October 27, 2006

Remember Marion Delgado

Marion Delgado was a young boy who supposedly derailed a train in the Forties. In the days of the violent Weatherman faction of Students for a Democratic Society they published this picture of young Marion, supposedly about to derail a passenger train. This act was, to the Weatherfolk, praiseworthy.

A war against society in general is a recurrent concept in certain radical circles. Shades of Nechaev, who inspired Dostoyevsky's Demons", also translated as The Possessed.

Then there is bombing of civilians done as a provocation, say by the right, so the Left can be blamed, as here. See also the Lavon Affair, a failed attempt at provocation by Israel in Egypt.

This sort of thing can be a sympton of oikophobia, which I discuss here, based on a talk by Roger Scruton, a conservative British philosopher.

Meanwile, "someone (North African Marions, I guess) is burning the buses of Paris." I fear the Jews and the churches are next. If France is not completely enervated, the reaction will be fierce when the ordinary Frenchman rejects the abjectness of the multiculturalist left.

Shades of Georges Sorel and "the propaganda of the deed." You can read this by Sorel, to explore the subject.

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