March 23, 2006

But, Does He Wear White Shoes?

This fellow, Abdur Rashid, is shown here engaged in the extracurricular acitivity of inventorying Christian materials he seized when he was a Taliban official in Afghanistan.

Apparently the Yale admissions office thinks this sort of thing qualifies as an extracurricular activity that earns an applicant points toward admission, because the fellow is now studying at Yale, which rejected almost 20,000 applicants last year. They, of course, didn't think to engage in book-burning as an extracurric.

Yale is the premier college of the "old money" American ruling class (e.g., both Bush Presidents) as well as those who aspire to climb the greasy pole (e.g., Bill Clinton).
Yalie Taliban
Known in my time as a "white shoe" college, it now seems infatuated with a bizarre notion of inclusiveness.

You'd think the monied class would make its donations elsewhere, except that many of them are equally left-oriented (e.g. George Soros). And to think my youngest wants to go there!

And who, precisely, gave Mr. Taliban a visa? Prediction: alas, no heads will roll.

HT: Michelle. See also John Fund.

UPDATE AND CORRECTION: The Taliban Yalie is Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi. Abdur Rahman is the Christian convert who is threatened with execution in Afghanistan. My face is red.

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