March 7, 2006

YAM (Yet Another Meme)

This one of fives from Dr. Serani:

5 snacks I enjoy--Tapioca pudding, Oreo cookies, clementines, Snyders of Hanover old fashioned pretzels, golden raisins.

5 songs to which I know all the lyrics--"Amazing Grace," "Abdul Abulbul Amir," "Frankie and Johnnie," "The Lumberjack Song" and "The Wreck of the Old 97."

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire--Learn more languages, ride my bike 300 miles a week, build an office under my house, take my children traveling, give money away to certain charities.

5 bad habits: Leaving my clothes in piles, not cleaning out my car, selective listening, not returning phone calls, falling asleep when I shouldn't.

5 things I like doing: Bike riding, taking walks, singing, reading, blogging.

5 things I would never wear, buy or get new again: Oversized pants, sleeveless T-shirts, golf clubs, the Los Angeles Times, white briefs.

5 favorite toys- My iBook, my Serotta bicycle, Garmin GPS, my monkey mind, GoMoku on my cellphone.

People I'm tagging to do this--you know who you are.

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