March 4, 2006

Ways of Thinking

My 14 year old writes:
So anyway, we were talking at dinner, and I revealed that I didn't see pictures in my head. Mommy and Sissy were shocked. It was really interesting to watch them as they asked questions about it. I really don't though, I don't see things, I know them. I just have different currents of thought running through my head at all times. When I think about it, that's probably why I pick concepts and ideas up pretty quickly, I'm used to picking up the concept of something. Would a rose by any other name not smell as sweet? I pick up the essence of something, what it actually is, instead of attaching it to an image.

Daddy kind of does this too, I think. When I need the information, I just draw it up again. I remember things long term, but my short term memory sucks. I don't really remember what happened earlier in the week unless I am reminded of some specific event or conversation. When I close my eyes, I see black. I also tend to pick up on feelings, just because I'm here. I think that's pretty interesting.
Claims not to be visual. She's amblyopic. I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

I can evoke images, but I don't usually think in visual images, more in the chatter of the monkey mind, and kinesthetic sensations--recollections of movement.

I also dream in text, sometimes, as well as movies.

How do blind people dream? Does anyone else think like my 14-year old?

Inquiring minds, and all that.

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