March 11, 2006


One kid is sick with stomach flu, poor thing.

Kid no. 2 had a friend over. To keep things quiet at home, took no. 2 and friend to the mall, dropping them off (with money in hand). Picked 'em up two hours later. The trip was a pilgrimage to the Cathedral of Consumerism. Amazing and scary.

I don't attend the Cathedral, but have been known to visit the nonconformist chapel of St. Costco of Mass Quantities.

While at the C of C, no. 2 complained some creep was ogling her 85-lb. body. I told her to emit a blood-curdling scream at the top of her lungs if she ever felt threatened. Her mother told her to approach a woman with children and tell her that a man was bothering her.

At what age is it legal to teach girls to shoot?

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