March 5, 2006

YASP (Yet Another Sunday Photo)

This is a "candid" shot from about 60 years ago. The ladies are my Aunt Lucille and her older sister, my mother Beatrice. The man is Marvin, Lucille's late husband. The skinny waif is me. Judging by my apparent age of 3, the war was over. Perhaps my father was taking the picture.

As you can see, my mother was quite elegant, but didn't like having her picture taken. In this shot, Lucille is quite vivacious, as was (and is) her wont, Marvin's shirt is too bright and his expession noncommital.

I'd be outa there if I could have managed it, but it was safer to cling to Mother.

An interesting picture that could use some Photoshopping, as was well done with this one.

Five bucks to anyone who can tell where this was taken, and prove it.

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