August 20, 2004

Advice Kerry Won't Follow

Mickey Kaus-- a seasoned Democrat who understands that Kerry's a stiff-- writes as follows:
"Alert: Watch out for a big Sunday paper pro-Kerry eyewitness hit (on the Silver Star incident--that's the one with the beached boat and the fleeing VC) ... Timed to vindicate Kerry on the eve of the Republican convention. ... P.S.: Even more reason to have a press conference! ... 6:13 P.M.

"Here's the sort of calm factual rebuttal--as opposed to, say, conspiracy-minded, process-oriented base-pleasing paranoia about a 'web of connections'!--that might actually do Kerry some good against the Swifties. ... P.S.: I agree with RCP in that I don't quite see how--as Kerry's campaign manager boasted--the recent Kerry push-back 'marks the end' of the Swifties, let alone turns the story into a positive for Kerry. ... Doesn't Kerry now need to hold a big, Ferraro-like press conference? People will pay attention. If he handles it well, the Swifties' story will be dead and he'll jump 5 points in the polls. If he doesn't handle it well... hmm ... what's Senator Lautenberg doing next month anyway? ... "
Sen. Lautenberg is the guy who parachuted out of retirement to replace NJ Sen. Torricelli when T. began to sink in the polls and renounced his candidacy. And remember Sen. Eagleton?

Kerry won't take this advice. Will there be a "Checkers" speech?

Kerry might do best with a front porch campaign. The more you see, the less you like. There's a chance that Bush will self-destruct or events will weaken him; why encourage a comparison that's bound to be invidious, whatever W's weaknesses?

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