August 12, 2004

The Inner Man

If Bill Clinton had said, "Ever since childhood, I've felt different, and now I'm in touch with my inner self, and now I know -- I really like to have it off with chubby interns," which is pretty much what Gov. McGreevy said, except he likes boys, oh how even the New York Times would have howled!

And if Clinton had given Monica a job she wasn't qualified for, just to shut her up while and after they were having it off, he would not be lionized for his sensitivity and self-knowledge.

I don't care what people do sexually, as long as they don't frighten the horses, but lying to your wife, and putting your lover in positions of responsibility (Homeland Security? Across the river from the WTC?) they aren't qualified for, ain't sensistivity and self-knowledge. It's a betrayal of the public trust.

And the wife is standing by him, even though he's about to be out of a job. What is SHE thinking?

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