August 28, 2004

Sold Out?

"Child Ho" Costume
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I don't think I'm wallowing in Puritanism because I believe the Child Ho Costume is shameful.

Popular culture has become disgusting.

Was Sayyid Qutb right when he wrote this?
"If we look at the sources and foundations of modern ways of living, it becomes clear that the whole world is steeped in Jahiliyya (pagan ignorance of divine guidance), and all the marvellous material comforts and high-level inventions do not diminish this Ignorance. This Jahiliyya is based on rebellion against God's sovereignty on earth: It transfers to man one of the greatest attributes of God, namely sovereignty, and makes some men lords over others. It is now not in that simple and primitive form of the ancient Jahiliyya, but takes the form of claiming that the right to create values, to legislate rules of collective behavior, and to choose any way of life rests with men, without regard to what God has prescribed."
Or did Savonarola have a point?

Of course, I'm no fan of either Qutb or Savonarola, but I don't shock easily, and as the father of girls, this one has me spooked.

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