August 24, 2004

A Reluctant But Convinced Bush Supporter

Retired officer Ralph Peters, no great fan of Bush, explains that the war leadership issue trumps everything else:
"I wish Kerry were better. The truth is that I'm appalled by Bush's domestic policies. I believe that the Cheney-Halliburton connection stinks to high heaven. And I'm convinced that Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld & Co. have done colossal damage to our military and to our foreign policy.

"But we're at war. And for all his faults, Bush has proven himself as a great wartime leader. Despite painful mistakes, he's served our security needs remarkably well. And security trumps all else in the age of terror.

"Kerry says many of the right things. But I can't believe a word of it. I just can't trust John Kerry. I can't trust him to lead, I can't trust him to fight — and I can't trust him to make the right kind of peace."

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Phoebe said...

But this is what I don't understand: what has he done that makes him a "great wartime leader"? He's offended our ostensible allies, created a whole bunch of new potential terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East, and I don't believe has focused any energy on domestic security other than harassing anyone named Aziz or Ali. Yeah, I understand that the right wing-nut group believes that the Dems don't understand the threat of terrorism (although you might feel differently if you lived daily in New Yor), but Bush has been a disaster in his war policy as he has been for the economy, the environment and our civil rights.