August 25, 2004

Kerry Erosion in Polls

For the first time this year, Bush has gone ahead of Kerry in the latest LA Times poll. As this poll is usually slanted to the left, this news is significant, especially going into the convention, which may give Bush a "bounce."

Ronalt Brownstein says:
"That small shift from July was within the poll's margin of error. But it fit with other findings in the Times Poll showing the electorate edging toward Bush over the past month on a broad range of measures, from support for his handling of Iraq to confidence in his leadership and honesty.

"Although a solid majority of Americans say they believe Kerry served honorably in Vietnam, the poll showed that the fierce attacks on the senator from a group of Vietnam veterans criticizing both his performance in combat and anti-war protests at home have left some marks: Kerry suffered small but consistent erosion compared to July on questions relating to his Vietnam experience, his honesty and his fitness to serve as commander in chief."
Is Torricelli time approaching, or even if the news gets worse, will the captain go down with the ship?

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