August 13, 2004

Bush Hatred Decoded

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The indispensable Victor Hanson decodes Bush-hatred.

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Phoebe said...

I couldn't bear to read the whole thing, but he's got one thing right: the Manichean thing. Bush supports say he has the courage of his convictions and "stays the course." Me, I say that 99% of the time his convictions are wrong! He was wrong about Kyoto, about WMD, about giving away the store to Halliburton, about tax cuts, etc. He waffles all the time. He just doesn't admit to it. No 9/11 commission. Okay, but with Kissinger. Oh, I mean Tom Kean. Won't give 'em more than an hour. Oh, yes, I will. And on and on. But Bush doesn't waffle! No way!

He's not stupid, just disengaged. Hanson's also right about the religion thing. This guy is waiting for Rapture. The world will be a better place when he ascends to Heaven and I stay right here. Call me a fancy-pants elitist! I'll wear that moniker proudly!