August 13, 2004

Between Psychobabble and Common Sense

Even the The New York Times editorial on McGreevey had to admit his hiring his lover as security adviser was wrong:
"Gay or straight, that kind of relationship raises troubling questions, apart from the issue of whether it was consensual. Mr. Cipel was originally appointed as the governor's homeland security adviser, a job for which he had no discernable qualifications. If Mr. McGreevey put someone in that critical post because of a personal relationship, that would be an outrage, regardless of his sexual orientation."
But they have to make obeisance to all the navel-gazing drivel about his inner gayness ("uncommon grace and dignity"), even though they recognize he's a crook:
"But the story has always been marred by ethical questions swirling around his office.

"The cast of characters is long, and the details unsavory."
In short, how quaint and sincere that he admits he's gay (while making children with women). Gosh, but too bad about the corruption.

Where's Edwin Edwards when we need him?

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