August 12, 2004

More Touchy-Feely Piffle

The usual suspects are expressing their admiration and understanding for a public servant who betrayed his trust by appointing his unqualified lover to an important public position.

Then he delays his resignation so the constitutional requirement for a special election can be avoided.

Hypocrisy knows no bounds, does it?

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Phoebe said...

I'm just surprised he didn't have to resign for reasons related to corruption. But maybe I'm just a cynic from Connecticut. Mc Greevy has been a great disappointment as governor on a whole variety of counts. Tom Kean was the last decent gov. NJ has had. (See, I can say something good about a Republican!)

Of course, Mc Greevy was way less scary that the right-wing nut job he ran against. Back to my favorite litany: why can't either side ever get any decent candidates?