August 31, 2004

Hanson Q & A on Sadr and Fallujah

Victor David Hanson in this Q&A agrees with my take on Fallujah and the Mahdi army -- they should have been taken out:
Q: Isn't the Iraqi government making the same mistake with Sadr that the Weimar government made with Hitler, trying to rein him in by promising him a position in government? I see only trouble ahead with this situation, Sadr's forces neither defeated nor humiliated, but legitimized. Shouldn't the Imam Ali shrine have been bombed weeks ago?
A: I don’t agree about bombing the shrine, but its occupants still should have been utterly defeated, along with those in Fallujah. Our theory is apparently—‘we can defeat them any time we wish,’ and, in fact, usually do."

As is usual with VDH, there's more, and it's incisive.

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