January 8, 2005

Desconfiômetro, aka B.S. Detector

Lies Damn Lies and Statistics (great name for a blog, by the way) captures this piece of diplomatic caca from the WaPo:

"...representatives of the WTO's 147 member nations agreed on a framework setting the parameters for completing the Doha Round of negotiations."

and comments:

"It's too bad that they couldn't quite agree on a framework for setting the parameters of agreeing on a framework for setting the parameters of the Doha Round of negotiations. Then they might have been making some real progress, after all."

The Brazilians have a term, desconfiômetro, which translates literally as "distrust-meter," but really means something like "B.S. detector."

We all need one, especially if we deal with things like nutritional supplements or politics. Kudos to LDLS for a good catch.

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