January 26, 2005

Whitewash in Coptic Slayings?

The American Coptic Union protested the retreat of New Jersey prosecutors from the investigation of a religious hatred angle in the murder of a Jersey City Coptic Christian family of four:

• We call upon Hudson County Prosecutor Office not to rushing, and exclude religion hatred, or terrorism. This time the massacre is rehearsal targeted a Christian family, member of a small community, next time would be against any other community.

• This massacre should be seen as a wake up call for all American. Terror is knocking the door, thus we seek the support of Christian, Jewish, and Islamic organizations, as well as Human Rights organizations requesting Hudson County Prosecutor Office an independent investigation.

• We request the Newspapers, TV stations, and all news media, keep asking questions, and follow up with the investigations.

• We request more involvement from the Federal Government in the case.

Reprinted by Jihad Watch.

This should be a federal case. There are four dead. There are potential interstate and international implications. New Jersey is a notoriously corrupt state. Can they be trusted to investigate this?

Please God, let this not prove to be some movie Chinatown, where it doesn't really matter what happens, because the truth might be incovenient.

Sure, it's possible it wasn't a religious crime, or was made to look like one for some ulterior motive. But it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. Someone needs to prove to me that it wasn't a religious assassination.

The blood of these martyrs, especially the youngest, Monica, cries to heaven.

And if you are a Copt, buy a gun and learn to use it.

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