January 13, 2005

Worse Than Immoral: Stupid and Lazy

Stanley Crouch diagnoses the real failure behind the Armstrong Williams story:
What we actually have is the latest version of the Republican shortcut method with the black electorate, yet another example of GOP laziness.

Williams was hired to help influence black opinion on the program rather than the party doing the national work on the ground that actually brings about changes of perspective. It would not consider building a national effort and utilizing young people and community parents in intern roles and evaluative positions. That would take too much imagination. Just hire a black talking head and expect the job magically to be done.

It is all very unfortunate, because there is nothing more important in this nation at this time than public school reform based in accountability. It is also unfortunate because Williams probably supported No Child Left Behind anyway. He just could not resist nearly a quarter-million dollars coming his way.

Bribing Legacy Media personalities instead of doing grass-roots work -- stupid and lazy.

And this at a time when the Jesses and the Sharptons are in rapid decline, and the need for new policy directions for the black community couldn't be clearer.

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