January 17, 2005

Hugh Hewitt Snaps At Blue Wristbands

Hugh Hewitt is all exercised about the blue state bracelet:

The blue wrist band silliness will spread like wildfire, of course, as the next generation of Sore-Loserman Democrats show off to each other their contempt for the president as well as their continued cluelessness about the views of ordinary Americans on politics --especially the part about the "Its over now. Your guy lost. Grow up". Some smart blogger will get red wristbands ready "Red is for Re-Election," he will get a thousand links and orders, and then we will have a band-off at every junior high school in America. At least the bands have the benefit of letting people know what you think, unlike some of the noble lawyers of Washington, D.C.

I understand the "get over it" thing, but you've got to admire anyone who can sell a rubber band for two bucks a pop. Kind of like selling popcorn by the piece.

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