January 7, 2005

Waiting for the Charles DeGaulle

Surely Victor Davis Hanson isn't being sarcastic when he writes:

"The U.S. military is habitually slurred even though it possesses the world's only lift and sea assets that could substantially aid in the ongoing disasters in Indonesia and Thailand. Blamed for having too high a profile in removing the Taliban and Saddam, it is now abused for having too meek a presence in Southeast Asia. No doubt America should have 'preempted' the wave and acted in a more 'unilateral' fashion. Meanwhile we await the arrival of the Charles De Gaulle and its massive fleet of life-saving choppers that can ferry ample amounts of Saudi, Chinese, and Cuban materiel to the dying — emissaries all of U.N. and EU multilateralism."

He can't be mocking French technology!

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