February 13, 2005

Compare and Contrast

The Seattle Times has this version of Howard Kurtz's account another possible factor in the Eason Jordan resignation:

Several CNN staffers say Jordan, who was distraught about the controversy, saw the handwriting on the wall in tendering his resignation. But top executives are also said to have lost patience with the continuing gossip about Jordan, including his affair with Marianne Pearl, widow of the murdered reporter Daniel Pearl, and subsequent marital breakup.

The version of the same paragraph put up by the WaPo goes like this:

Several CNN staffers say Jordan was eased out by top executives who had lost patience with both the controversy and the continuing published gossip about Jordan's personal life after a marital breakup. Jordan's authority already had been greatly reduced after a management shakeup.

Did the libel lawyers get involved? Some friend of Ms. Pearl, sympathetic because of the murder of her late husband? Or is the whole rumor a bit of a red herring, and some editor decided to soft-pedal the story? Whatever happened, it happened after the story first came out. After A rang up B? So many questions, so little time.

HT: Mickey Kaus.

Captain's Quarters rips Jordan because his charges seem to trivialize Daniel Pearl's murder.

This story is becoming a caricature of itself.

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