February 7, 2005

Not a Cabal of Right-Wingers

Michelle Malkin has the story. She's been able to confirm that Sen. Chris Dodd, Rep. Barney Frank, and former Clinton aide David Gergen all heard Eason Jordan charge American troops with deliberately targeting journalists, in short, deliberately violating the laws of war.

By some accounts, Jordan backed off a smidgen, suggesting it was individual GIs, not the brass, who were responsible. It's still a stunning charge, and dynamite if plausible.

Given the lack of MSM coverage, the refusal to release the tape, and the deafening silence from CNN, we have to conclude the statement is scurrilous BS directed at our soldiers and marines.

Kudos to Dodd, Frank, and Gergen, none of them right-wing conspirators, but all apparently honest and honorable on what was said, and unwilling to join in military-bashing. And kudos to Michelle, who is following up on the facts.

Reporting. What a concept!

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