February 11, 2005

A Mini-History of Easongate

Michelle Malkin, who got Sen. Dodd, David Gergen and Barney Frank (not a conservative wingnut among them) to report on what Eason Jordan said at Davos, well summarizes the history of Easongate coverage.

A couple of observations:
  • Jordan resigned even though the story was practically buried in the MSM. They neither stonewalled à la CBS nor pulled a Tylenol (tell the whole truth and if necessary, apologize). They just punted. Some MBA or mole could tell us what about the Kremlinology of CNN led to this.

  • The MSM monopoly is broken. If a significant portion of the blogosphere fixes on a story, and the story has merit, it will out, and the MSM can't control it. My impression is that the political spectrum of the blogosphere is quite wide, and its right is stronger than its left.

An interesting spectacle with a quick dénouement.

More kudos for Hugh Hewitt, who is now the Godfather of the conservative blogosphere. He can whack you.

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