February 15, 2005

Political Correctness Chases its Own Tail

Chris Rock's remarks about the Oscars, to the effect that only gays watch them, they're a fashion show, and so on, create a dilemma.

Will the obeisance to what this year are called "African-Americans" outweigh the obeisance to everything homosexual? Or vice-versa? Or will the obeisance to money win out?

Chris Rock is a potty mouth, and he's up front about stuff white comics can't be (remember the 15 minutes of Andrew Dice Clay?), but he's funny as hell.

Could be he's just hyping the show, the way Cardinal Spellman would hype a movie now and then by denouncing it as immoral. People will tune in just to hear what kind of trash Rock will talk. And he did preface the whole thing by saying he had nothing against gays -- it's just that they worry about fashion and award shows, and straight guys don't. It's not prejudice, just an observation.

Well, I'm straight and I like show tunes. I'm white and hip-hop and rap bore me. Just the facts, ma'am.

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