February 2, 2005

Mickey Loves Johnny

Mickey Kaus, Democrat though he may be, could never stand John Kerry. Here's his latest take:

P.S.: Patriot of the Week Award goes to Sen. John Kerry for appearing on Meet the Press and being just as petty, negative, solipsistic ("I laid out four steps ..."), self-serving, inarticulate and semi-delusional as his many reluctant supporters feared he might be in office, thereby allowing millions of Democrats and independents to feel more comfortable with their president and putting in place the preconditions for a vast, bipartisan coming-together surge of national unity! ... A deeply satisfying performance. ... He could have been good! But no--he chose instead to put his country first.

I guess it's ok for a righty like me to be a bit sanguine about Howard Dean, if Mickey can thrash Kerry like that.

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